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Top 3 Tips for Storing Athletic Memorabilia

Do you have a collection of jerseys or newspaper clippings for your team? Seasonal storage at Lookout Self Storage will help you store these treasures and more. Even if it is the families outdoor summer equipment, a little extra space will give you room in the garage for the cool weather supplies. Use these tips to store precious valuables and outdoor equipment.

Rossville GA seasonal storage

Before you store

While you gather your belongings to head to storage, make sure everything going in, is something you want to keep. This is a great time to make edits to trading cards you do not want anymore or sports equipment not in use. Another suggestion would be to look over tools and tarps you use as shade while at the stadium. Canopies go through the hot days of summer and summer storms. Patch holes and paint over scratches to keep the frame and topper in good shape for the next game.

While in storage

You can relax knowing your most valued possessions are in good hands. Give them the extra coverage they need by adding plastics sleeves to paper items and fabric. If you are storing your tailgating tools, you will want to clean out coolers and grills. To avoid rodents and bugs getting into your storage unit, remove all remanence of food.

Transitioning items from your unit

In order to have a successful transition out of storage, stay organized. Labels and tags will be your best solution to finding your outdoor equipment. After a few months it is common to forget what tools are where. Every time you put belongings back into the unit, it is best to keep them grouped.

Storing your athletic memorabilia is safe secure and simple with Lookout Self Storage. Seasonal storage helps our customers store clothes, tools, and more for each time of year. See how we can help you by stopping in for a tour of our facility.

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