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Tips for Holiday Storage


Now is the time to start getting ready for the holidays! Have you thought about where you will be storing gifts this year? Sometimes coming up with a good hiding spot can be difficult. Using a storage unit to store your gifts make this process easy! A storage unit not only makes for a great place to keep your gifts, but it makes preparing for the holiday much easier. You can store your decorations after the holiday too! Here are some tips for holiday storage to help you get ready.


Know gate hours

Unless you have prior arrangements confirmed with the manager, know the gate hours of your facility. If your gifts are being stored, you need to retrieve them from your unit during the designated hours. This also gives you time to plan ahead and have everything prepared for that special holiday tradition!


Organize items

Be sure to store your items in a fashion that allows you to efficiently and quickly gather your gifts to take back to your house. Here are some tips on organizing your gifts:

-Re-use old boxes or containers

-Color code boxes, storage bins, or wrapping paper

-Label boxes with a smudge-proof marker

-Store same type of gifts together

-Store gifts for the same person together

-When storing light strings, wrap them around paper tubes from wrapping paper to prevent tangling


Protect gifts / decorations

Make sure your gifts stay safe by following these tips when choosing your unit and storing your presents:

-Keep climate control in mind

-Keep unit size in mind

-If storing fragile items, use bubble wrap / tissue paper

-Use leftover wrapping paper to further protect ornaments / decorations (shred it)


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