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Prep Your Motorcycle for Long Term Storage

Getting ready to put your motorcycle away can be a daunting task if you are not prepared. We have gathered some ways to prep your motorcycle for long term storage and make it simple too!

Prep Your Motorcycle for Long Term Storage

  • Meticulously clean the bike. Wash it from head to toe to make sure all moisture absorbing dirt is clear. Wax it as well to ward off any grim from compiling during storage.
  • If the climate is fluctuating use a protective spray for the chrome. Therefore, hindering any condensation from collecting and making the appearance of the bike less then desirable when you get it out of storage.
  • A cover is the final shield to keeping the exterior looking sharp. Invest in a durable and breathable motorcycle cover to ward of debris.
  • The battery can drain if not in use for an extended period of time. You can attach a battery tender to keep the battery charged or simply remove the battery.
  • Direct light from the sun can crack the leather and fade the paint. The cover will not prevent sunlight damage so keep the bike away from windows to keep it in prime condition.
  • Do not make an open invitation for pests to take shelter in your tailpipe or intake valves. A cover will not keep them out so close the openings with a rag or plug.
  • Keep your bike safe from unwelcome harm and prying eyes by finding a location out of sight and locked securely. As a backup keep the current insurance up to date.
  • Since the motorcycle is out of commission, take this time to do large customizations that got pushed off during the riding season.
  • The lines can become blocked with sediment from old fluids. So, remember to flush bad fluids out and fill with new.

Stop in to talk with us about other simple ways to prep your motorcycle for long term storage.

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